Satellytes – passionate developers and designers.

We have great fun with technology and look forward to new challenges. We focus on long-term commitments in the Group's business.

We always approach new tasks with appropriate respect. We always strive for high-quality and contemporary solutions - the choice of technology is secondary for us. We would be happy to support you in the following disciplines:

Enterprise Applications & Libraries

We have extensive experience in developing modern and reliable web applications for the insurance, banking and automotive industries. Angular has become the standard technology for such applications. We bring in-depth experience with this technology and provide you with a customized solution to any problem.

We are also very experienced in implementing holistic platforms - for example, an infrastructure of Angular libraries, setting up CI/CD pipelines and implementing well-tested applications in multiple languages and configurations.

Moreover, we are professionals in developing Java backends in all variations. We are experienced in the connection of systems, the development of new versioned APIs and the specific connection of frontend applications based on BFF (Backend for Frontend) - or completely decentralized microservices.

  • Experts for projects in Angular & React (but we also love Vue & Svelte).
  • UI library development with release management
  • Backend support with our Java and Node experts.
  • Your contact for inner source projects & process support

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Technical analysis

We offer you, for example, the full analysis of your website: regarding UX/UI, loading speed, technical structure, accessibility or search engine compatibility. Such an analysis is accompanied by a list of concrete suggestions for improvement. Do you want to analyze your website in the areas mentioned above?

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With around 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of digital interfaces, we cover the entire spectrum of the user experience (UX). The small, visible part of it is the user interface (UI). The large, invisible one (UX) is much more relevant for achieving your business goals. Because only with user-friendly, easy-to-understand journeys across all end devices, user groups, and usage contexts, users - and therefore you - reach your goal.

For our enterprise customers, we conceptualize and design websites with modern, ergonomic and well thought-out UX standards and best practices, adhere to accessibility guidelines, constantly test, measure and, if desired, provide all components in a well-structured and expandable design system.

  • Information Architecture (and Navigation)
  • Information/Content Design (Readability, Scalability, Consistency, Density, Sizes)
  • User Interface Design (Atomic Design, Pattern Libraries)
  • Interaction Design (Clarity, Ergonomic, Ease/Joy of Use)
  • Brand Experience
  • Accessibility (WCAG)
  • Loading, Responsive Strategies, Performance

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