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Daniel Eißing – Senior Frontend Engineer

Interview mit Daniel Eißing Daniel Eißing ist seit einem Monat Senior Frontend Engineer bei Satellytes und das zu 100% remote. Davor hat er fast zwei Jahre lang als Freelancer für Satellytes gearbeitet. Wir haben ihn zum Interview gebeten, damit er uns mehr über Freelance vs. Festanstellung, 100% remote und seinen ungewöhnlichen Arbeitsalltag erzählt. Hallo Daniel. Schön, dass Du Dir die Zeit nimmst. Stell Dich doch mal kurz vor. Gerne. Ich bin Daniel Eißing, Entwickler. Ich würde mich als…

20th October 2021

The Modern Code Reviewer

Read about differentiated way to conduct pull request code reviews to improve the PR throughput. Let your people choose a code review intensity that matches their experience, confidence, involvement, role, available time and project timeline.

22nd September 2021

GitHub CSV Billing Dashboard

We have developed a dashboard that graphically displays the costs incurred by GitHub Actions. In this article you can learn more about the technologies and libraries we used in this project. It also explains some background information about GitHub Actions and the corresponding costs.

15th July 2021

How consistency helps you to optimize Gatsby URLs for users and search engines

We did a deep dive into how to work with URLs in Gatsby to improve UX and search engine ranking. See what we have learned and how you can improve your Gatsby site too.

15th July 2021

Every big monorepo needs the CODEOWNERS feature

Monorepos are en vogue these days for good reasons. It's also a heated debate, but I want to spare you that discussion for now. Once you have decided to go for monorepos with your team and collaborators, you might want to know about the CODEOWNERS feature of your favorite version control services (being mostly, GitHub Enterprise or GitLab).

9th July 2021

Going beyond the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) with the TypeScript Type Checker

We currently develop a low-code platform for an enterprise client where Angular components are arranged and connected based on a given configuration file. The components define data contracts based on generics so the platform always knows what data can flow between them. In order to perform the actual type check we use a json file that already contains all relevant typing information. We collect the typing data by recursively resolving typescript types down to their primitives and then store the found property names along with their typing name. This post is about how to collect the typing information and why we need to go beyond the AST to achieve this.

18th June 2021

The "Inject the Injector" pattern

We maintain a successful proprietary enterprise library based on Angular. One challenge while doing so is how to deal with breaking changes. Those occur naturally while we improve and extend the library. There was one particular type of breaking change that caused us some trouble, and we want to show you how we tackled it for good.

8th June 2021

How to do a blog post

Learn how to properly write a blog post – in terms of formatting – so that everything is rendered properly & our blog looks super shiny.

1st May 2021

Angular Advanced Workshop (2018)

This is about the technical project of our 3-day Angular Advanced Workshop we gave for KaiserX (Allianz) to teach advanced topics of Angular v7 in a unique & playful way by implementing a card game called Skip-Bo. The workshop covered the six chapters, Modules, Components, Routing, RxJS, Testing & Animations, split into theory & challenges.

1st December 2018