We support large corporations in implementing their digital strategies.

Since our clients value discretion, we usually don't reveal specifics. That's why we won't mention any specific names here, but limit ourselves to generic industry names. Our four largest clients are:

  • An insurance group
  • A bank
  • A sports club
  • An automobile club

These clients reflect our years of experience in the banking, insurance, automotive and sports industries. Below is a brief look at the scope of work for each type of client:

Insurance Group

We have been helping this client implement their digital strategy for more than two years. We are valued for our expertise in front-end architecture and our sustainable and reliable implementation.

With our help, a modern and extensible platform based on Angular is being created for the global scaling and alignment of the technological frontend landscape. Besides the architecture and the concrete implementation we support the customer in the establishment of sustainable governance structures by designing processes processes, the development of team structures and the creation of easy-to-understand documentation.

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For our bank client we develop key components of private and business customer interactions. With a team of frontend and backend developers, we work on topics such as the implementation of the online banking portal, infrastructure and security. We use Angular and Java technologies for this. Since critical business area requires the highest level of quality, we also define extensive test packages as part of the test pyramid (unit, integration, E2E) and run them automatically at different levels.

A modern banking portal also relies on a streamlined, up-to-date operating concept. We therefore deploy our UX/UI design experts and support the customer in conception and implementation.

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Sports Club

We have been a proud supporter of a world-renowned sports club since mid-2018.

For this we are working in a lead role on the relaunch of the entire website.

Our UX/UI experts realized a modern and ergonomic UX concept including a design system. The implementation of the website is technically based on Gatsby and React - connected via API to an existing CMS (Headless). This way all previous content (well over 100,000 pages) can be retained without major migration.

In addition to the website, we also supported the client in implementing a self-service solution for fans and supporters, who can log in for ticket purchases, orders in the fan store and much more. We draw on our experience with enterprise projects and have developed a software solution based on Angular, which fully meets the requirements of self-services.

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Automobile Club

For a large German traffic club, we have been working on the design and implementation of the future web platform since fall 2020. In doing so, we draw on the successful use of Gatsby and React.

At this point, we use this to co-develop the CMS based on Contentful itself and, as a partner of Gatsby to use the Gatsby cloud for accelerated delivery of updated content.

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